I had the chance to hung with these 2 legends last night #greglong and #ericrebiere for the #eurosima awards!!! I first met Greg in "Isla de pascua" it was 10 years ago during a my first surf trip ever for a surfing magazine!! Of course it was pumping and I remember him getting a 10 seconds barrel at "mataveri". I was standing on the cliff looking at him going nuts… This guy change the aspect of big wave riding. He actually ride waves as if it was 3foot… I'm a huge fan of him (groupie too lol) and then there is eric, someone that I travel with for little bit when I was younger…. I don't think that I met somebody that loves surfing as much as him… A big wave surfer that should be recognise in the whole world… Well I was just surrounding by 2 of my favorite surfer in the world!!!' #luckyme #italktomuch #mauruuru #eurosima

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